Update 3: Getting serious

We are moving up a gear!

The Bridge is slowly but surely coming alive. After months of gestating and prep work, I am beginning to take The Bridge to Brussels. And Brussels is responding positively!

This is the third update on our progress towards creating an English theatre for Brussels. Thanks for joining the ride!

1. Survey about kids’ performing arts opportunities

It is still not too late to participate in our survey (for those of you who are parents). The results of the survey will help to shape the performing arts classes offered by The Bridge Academy.

Results so far indicate high interest: almost three-quarters of respondents would be interested in their child or children attending weekly performing arts classes in English!

Conversely, 57% of you have expressed reservations about having classes near Gare du Midi; a location convenient for Eurostar, but not for many families, it seems.

We are still collecting entries, so please do fill out the survey, if you have not already. And tell your friends!

Click here for the survey

2. Investment opportunities

Theatre has very high upfront costs, simply because you have to pay your creatives before tickets are actually sold.

In order to cover some of these starting costs, we will launch a crowdfunding campaign in a few months. Crowdfunders will have access to exclusive benefits. Each benefit is limited in number so once it’s gone, it’s gone. Luckily, because you are signed up to this mailing list, you will get early bird access to the crowdfunding campaign so you can grab the goodies before the other punters even get a look in!

You may have a friend who is interested in being an early bird. If so, they can sign up for this mailing list and get the same access!

We are now also beginning to contact businesses that would be interested in partnering with us. Interested businesses can reach out directly to me at edward@thebridge.brussels.

3. Getting involved

The Bridge is looking for motivated people who want to get involved in creating an English Theatre for Brussels. Involvement can range from simple advice-giving and arranging introductions, to financial support and manpower. The Bridge is aiming to build a team that represents Brussels and I particularly welcome solicitation from people who are non-white, non-male, non-cis and non-British; that is people who are not like me! Please do not hesitate to get in contact.

Over and out for this issue,

Edward McMillan


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